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Otherwise, if the injuries and damages are severe, you might end up paying for them out of your own pocket. Read More!
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I would never go with less than a $500,000 personal auto liability limit. Read More!

auto insurance companies in massachusetts

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—————————————— Karen WalterThanks for help, I recommend your site to friends often…no one told me about raising my deductible would save me so much money. Thanks!I’d exercise some caution with this one. If you cause a major accident and have a low amount of liability coverage, your personal assets could be at risk. For example, if you cause $500,000 of damage cause a severe injury that takes a lot of rehab and have $100K of liability coverage, the victim can come after you for the excess 400K. Also, there is a diminishing cost as the amount of coverage increases. 500K coverage doesn’t cost twice as much as a 250K policy.
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auto insurance companies in massachusetts

However, when it comes to supplemental coverage, Farmers Insurance outpaces Progressive, offering several more options to beef up your policy.

  • auto insurance companies in massachusetts

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    com Email: Email Farmers Insurance Executives .

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